What We Do

At Prokil, we believe in providing a service that’s second to none. 

We specialise in a comprehensive range of property care services, including damp surveys, timber treatments, and solutions for many other property-related issues. Whether a client needs a simple damp survey or a full-scale basement conversion, we have the skills and technology to deliver the highest standards of results. 

At the heart of our business is a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to be the first company people turn to when they need property care services, known for offering a service that’s reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to achieving outstanding outcomes for each and every property we work on. 

If your experience in the property care sector is limited, don’t worry! We provide our Franchise Partners with in-depth training and support sessions, so you’ll be fully equipped with the expertise you need to run your new business successfully. 

Read on to learn more about the services we provide to our customers. 

property care franchise prokil
property care franchise prokil

Damp Services

We identify and remedy a variety of damp problems, using advanced technology to leave homes clean and free from moisture. 

Property Surveys icon

Property Surveys

We’ll perform a thorough assessment of the property, using moisture-reading technology to detect damp or mould and identify the scale of the problem. 

Damp Proofing icon

Damp Proofing

One of our most in-demand services. After eliminating damp from a property, we’ll install a physical or chemical damp proof course to protect it from future recurrences. 

Mould Removal icon

Mould Removal

We’ll deeply clean mould-contaminated surfaces and use specialist technology to remove airborne spores, ensuring all mould is safely removed from the property. 

Ventilation Systems icon

Ventilation Systems

We’ll install a high-performance ventilation system that allows the homeowner to control their property’s humidity levels. Depending on the property, we can install passive air vents, extractor fans, or positive input / output systems. 

Timber Services

We treat and protect timber structures from damage caused by pests, fungi, and other forms of degradation. 

Repair Services

We repair any property damage caused by age, general wear and tear, or a sudden influx of water. 

Structural Repairs icon

Structural Repairs

If a property is in need of maintenance, we can replace cavity wall ties, perform crack stitching, install cavity trays, repair lintels, and more.

Water Damage Repairs icon

Water Damage Repairs

Whether the damage has been caused by a leaking pipe or a flood, we’ll implement a rapid drying regime and carry out the necessary repairs on any affected floors, walls, or ceilings.

Basement Services

We can protect basements with effective waterproofing systems, or even transform them with a full conversion. 

Basement Tanking and Waterproofing icon

Basement Tanking and Waterproofing

We’ll design and install a waterproofing system that will effectively protect a basement from damp and mould. We install Type A barrier protection, Type B integral protection, or Type C cavity drain systems.

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Basement Conversions

We’ll transform an unused basement into a clean, comfortable living space, taking care of everything from decorating to fitting appliances.

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