Neil and Collette, Owners of Prokil Kent and East Sussex

Neil and Collette began by offering Prokil’s services across Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone, and now offer them across the entirety of Kent and East Sussex.

Can you tell us a little about your working background?

Colette began her career in banking before deciding to take a break to start a family. Neil, on the other hand, was busy with his construction business and managing rental properties. When they met, they decided to dive into a business venture as partners. They started with a shoe shop and later added a gelato bar to their portfolio.

How did you get involved with Prokil?

When the pandemic hit, they had to adapt their career paths to the changing times. They became interested in the prospect of taking over a Prokil franchise and offering their services in both Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone.

Neil had some previous experience with franchises, but he was wary at first due to past setbacks. Thankfully, these concerns were soon laid to rest thanks to the success of Prokil’s business model.

How did your journey with Prokil progress?

Neil and Collette began by working from home, but it wasn’t long before they were able to set up their own office, bring onboard technicians, and buy several work vans. Their business has gone from success to success since then, with continued growth and a larger client base every year.

Not long ago, they decided to take another step to secure their financial future by expanding from Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone to cover the whole of Kent and East Sussex. As of today, they have eight technicians, eight vans, and their own office space with ten staff.

Do you find the work rewarding?

Neil and Collette find their work challenging but rewarding, and they take pride in being part of a business that makes a difference in people’s lives. Many individuals in the UK are grappling with health problems stemming from damp, mould, and ventilation issues, and Neil and Collette are helping resolve these issues on a daily basis.

What kind of training did you receive?

After signing up with Prokil’s Head Office, Neil and Collette went through an eight-week training programme that they described as “intense but fantastically rewarding.” This experience provided them with a wealth of new knowledge, giving them the tools they needed to run their business successfully. They also gained access to a robust internal system that streamlined their bookings and helped generate daily leads.

Do you have contact with other Franchise Partners?

Neil and Collette were encouraged to talk to other Franchise Partners from the start – in fact, these conversations played a big role in their decision to invest in a franchise. They still maintain close contact with other Partners to this day.

How flexible is your working life now?

Neil and Collette had the opportunity to work from abroad last year, and spent most of their summer in beautiful Gozo. They brought their laptops along and were able to work remotely, managing their team of technicians in the UK from afar.

Despite their work commitments, they enjoyed a fantastic work-life balance – they have five children between them, and got to spend plenty of precious family time together.

What do you think the future has in store?

Having successfully extended their reach to Kent and East Sussex, Neil and Collette have built a robust foundation and developed strong partnerships with fellow partners in Bournemouth. They’re now incredibly excited about what the future holds.

“Come on board – you won’t look back,” Colette urged. “It’s a great opportunity!”

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