Nathan and Wai, Owners of Prokil London

Nathan Crombie and Wai Lam opened their Prokil branch that covers London back in 2017.  

Can you tell us a little about your working background?

Myself (Nathan Crombie) and Wai both come from retail industry backgrounds, having previously been retail store managers for ten years plus. Wai was a store manager at Curry’s, Argos, and Iceland, and a department head of World Duty Free at Gatwick Airport. I was a store manager at Sainsbury’s, Iceland, and Superdrug, and a first assistant manager at McDonald’s. 

Why were you looking at going into business for yourself?

After many years of following the strict regime of the corporate world, we wanted to venture into a business where we could take control of our own destiny. We wanted to be able to set our own targets, make our own decisions, and achieve the aspirations we so longed and desired to reach. 

Why did you choose to invest in a franchise?

As we did not have a background in damp and timber treatments, we would be going into a largely unknown territory. Choosing a franchise would give us a stronger footing than going in blind. Knowing there was support, structure, and guidance for us to latch onto at any point gave us the confidence we needed to venture into self-employment. 

What was it about Prokil in particular that made you want to join them?

After an initial conversation regarding their business structure, Prokil ticked a lot of the boxes we were looking for: a business that had a proven track record, passionate owners, and a successful brand in their current regions, all in an industry with huge profit potential. 

As we ventured further into the viability of the business, the growth and profit margins became the biggest draw. Carlo’s ambition and drive to make the franchise a success assured us that the support network would be in place, and his vision for the brand matched exactly what we were looking for. 

What research did you do on Prokil?

We began with a few informal conversations about the company and how it worked. We then moved onto more formal business meetings, where we received financial figures to back up what was being told to us. With each conversation and meeting, our belief that Prokil would be a franchise worth investing in only grew stronger. 

We took a couple of trips down to the Bournemouth office to meet the team, directors, and franchise manager Alex. We discussed how they would see the franchise working, what they expected from us and in turn, what we would want from them. Exploring their business model and looking at the projections and profitability reinforced what had been discussed in the early days. 

Having a look at the office set up reassured us that there were people in place to support, guide, and share ideas with when getting the business up and running. 

Once you became a Franchise Partner, how was the training?

The training we received from our surveyor was very beneficial. We learnt about the industry and the services Prokil provided, and received hands-on exposure to what the job would entail. This provided us with valuable skills and knowledge to transfer into our own franchise. 

How was your first year?

We had a very successful first 12 months, achieving more than we expected. The business developed and grew in a way that exceeded our expectations. We found a consistent customer base, built good relationships with local businesses, and forged excellent connections and referrals to support our growth. All of this provided us with a stable platform to build on for the long term. 

Structuring the business correctly was key, as it allowed us to grow in the right way and deliver a consistent service level. The support and training provided by Prokil was instrumental in us achieving this. 

What support have you received from Prokil?

The support has never fallen short of what was discussed in the early meetings. The motivation and belief from the franchisors is always there, and the passion shown in ensuring the success of our franchise has remained strong throughout, playing a large role in what we have achieved so far. 

What plans do you have for the business in the future?

Growing our business fuels our ambitions and keeps us going on a day-to-day basis. Our goal is to become the first stop for Brighton residents in need of damp proofing treatments – we plan to do this by providing the quality workmanship, service, and overall customer satisfaction Prokil is known for. 

What advice would you give to people thinking about joining a franchise?

As with any business, having a clear structure from day one is integral to running a successful franchise. Making sure your milestones and targets are achievable is key, as is taking the time to find the right people for the job. 

If you’re looking for a franchise to join, we couldn’t recommend Prokil more. It’s a very viable business with excellent profit and growth potential, and the support provided is second to none. We haven’t looked back since joining the Prokil network, and I would encourage anyone interested to explore this further. 

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