Our Franchise Network and Locations

Prokil is made up of an expansive network spread across the south of England and Wales.
We currently have twenty-three branches, including our Head Office in Bournemouth.

Explore our interactive map below to see our current and potential branch locations. 

Top Locations

Meet the Prokil Franchise Partners

Group photo of the Prokil Franchise team & owners

Top row, left to right: Wai Lam (London Kensington), Peter Hyrlik Jn (Exeter), Martin Spencer (Epsom), Jozeph Krizansky (Exeter), Sean Wyatt (London – Chingford), Peter Labas (Exeter), Neil Harrold (Tunbridge Wells), Peter Hyrlik Sn (Exeter), Colette Saunders (Tunbridge Wells) 

Bottom row, left to right: Joanna Foster (Epsom), Alex Marsango (Bournemouth), Keely Marsango (Bournemouth), Carlo Marsango (Bournemouth), Simon Hetherton (Brighton) 

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The story of Prokil Franchises

In 1965, Jim Thorne established the very first Prokil branch in Bournemouth. He and his team provided the residents of Bournemouth with a variety of damp and timber treatments, and soon became well respected for the high quality of their service and results. 

After 45 years at the helm of Prokil, Jim decided it was time to retire in 2010. He passed on his knowledge and experience to Carlo Marsango, the current owner of Prokil. 

Carlo has extensive experience in the building and property maintenance industry, and has evolved the Prokil brand considerably over the last 8 years. Driven by a strong vision for the brand, he plans to continue expanding it across the UK for the foreseeable future. 

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