Marketing and Branding

Running a Prokil branch gives you three months of free access to our in-house marketing department, who will support you with PPC and SEO campaigns. This will save you thousands of pounds on promoting your business.

Marketing avenues you’ll have access to include:

  • Direct emailing
  • Sponsorship of charity events
  • Business-to-business networking
  • Leaflet distribution
  • Social media campaigns
  • Unique page on the Prokil website

We take pride in our brand and heritage, and encourage all our Franchise Partners to follow our brand guidelines to provide consistent messaging to our customers. As a Partner, you will be provided with all the brand assets necessary to make your franchise a success.

Side view of the prokil branded white car with tag line: damp & timber specialists

Exclusive territory rights

Becoming a Franchise Partner gives you exclusive rights to your chosen territory (subject to the terms of the franchise agreement). You’ll have access to all the potential customers in your territory, both residential and commercial. This works out to an average of 159,828 households, including 125,256 privately-owned or rented households. 

We use a specialist mapping company to assign territory to each Prokil branch, making sure every Franchise Partner has the same opportunity. 

Book a Consultation

Book a no-commitment consultation by clicking the link below! We’ll discuss your current situation and explain the costs involved in becoming a Franchise Partner in more detail.